8 - The Driving Force in the Story

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 3, 2021
  • Screenwriting Podpills 8
    Voice and Content Creation: Romana Turina
    Music: Moby (Parasail - unreleased)

    Thelma & Louise (Scott, 1991)

    The Clue (Feenstra, 2016)

    Like and Follow (Schlage & Forrest, 2019)


    To be alive is to want. Aristotle identified this truth in his idea of TELOS: a person lives to fulfil a purpose. Stanislavski identified this truth in his idea of CRAVING (ambition): a person wants something. To put it simply, desire puts a character in motion.

    To feel a profound longing that is met with overwhelming obstacles, force us to adapt, change, and discover a deeper meaning that gives us the power to overcome the situation we are in, and emerge as a new person.

    Films make of the want the lens through which characters can look inside of themselves and discover that something deeper is at stake.

    In Thelma and Louise, the initial want of the two women is a weekend of freedom, away from the limitations that society has put on them. By the end of the film, society had done everything it can to remind them how dangerous it is to pursue freedom, and by pushing back the two women discover a deeper meaning to their need for freedom.

    Find below the links to two short films with the same initial want: adventure/excitement.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/rNxPUavfFoA