5 Personal Airplanes You Can Buy For Less Than $20,000

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 12, 2018
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    Here are the aircrafts listed

    PIPER TOMAHAWK: A low wing tricycle landing gear airplane that is primarily used as a trainer or for cross country flights.
    USEFUL LOAD: 542 lbs
    CRUISE SPEED: 120 mph
    RANGE: 539 mph
    PRICE: $18k - $26k

    CESSNA 120: Early bird taildragger airplane manufactured by Cessna to compete with other tailwheels in general aviation.
    USEFUL LOAD: 665 lbs
    CRUISE SPEED: 105 mph
    RANGE: 450 mi
    PRICE: $15k - $20k

    TAYLORCRAFT BC-12: Post world war ii personal aircrafts. Also a tailwheel airplane
    USEFUL LOAD: 480 lbs
    CRUISE SPEED: 95 mph
    RANGE: 250 mi
    PRICE: $12k - $19k

    ERCOUPE: Another post war aircraft with a much unique design. Low wing with tricycle landing gear but with double rudders. Takes some time to learn how to fly.
    USEFUL LOAD: 545 lbs
    CRUISE SPEED: 110 mph
    RANGE: 495 mi
    PRICE: $12k - $19k

    LUSCOMBE 8A: Luscombe is one of the early birds tailwheel airplane built for the average civilian pilot. Very inexpensive. A 2 seater that is basic as basic flying gets. No electric system in this aircraft so it needs to be hand propped to get the engines running.
    USEFUL LOAD: 535 lbs
    CRUISE SPEED: 105 mph
    RANGE: 370 mi
    PRICE: $12k - $19k

  • Source: https://youtu.be/Xi1sy93c_Xg