DISPLACED - Sci-Fi Short by Carl Thiel

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 1, 2023
  • "At a low point in his life, urbanite Peter Sabik goes on a solo camping trip in hopes of finding inner guidance, only to discover a mysterious message which sets him off on an extraordinary adventure defying the laws of time and space."


    It was the middle of the pandemic and our plans for the year had gone out the window. So there we were, with unexpected extra time on our hands. Knowing that I’d been using the pandemic to focus on script writing, my friend and actor Taylor C. Wallace reached out and said: “if you wanna write a short, just for fun, I’d love to act in it.” And so the wheels started turning. The challenge was to write a compelling story that could be realized completely outdoors (covid safe), with a single actor, no budget, no crew and only 3 days to shoot (that was the time window we had for various reasons). Sometimes restrictions bring out the best in creativity.

    Shortly after I'd finished the script, we reached out to cinematographer Karl Toft, who cheerfully and generously joined the project. The three of us have known each other for years but we’d never had the opportunity to work together. I can honestly say those three days of filming were the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

    - Carl Thiel

    Website: https://carlthiel.com/displaced

    Starring Taylor C. Wallace (https://www.instagram.com/noisywallace/)
    Director of Photography: Karl Toft & Carl Thiel (https://www.instagram.com/karl_toft101/)
    Directed, Edited & Scored by Carl Thiel (https://www.instagram.com/carl.thiel/)

    Special Thanks to Anna Schatte & Calvin Millar for the squirrel footage
    And to Rick Redick for the additional VFX
  • Source: https://youtu.be/X0Homm3KnQU