Улыбка пересмешника. Сериал. Серия 2 из 16. Феникс Кино. Мелодрама

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 5, 2014
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    In a small southern town, where Vika lives, all girls seemed to dream of one thing – to get married to a guy who is successful, handsome and loving… And Vika is lucky enough to eventually meet such a guy! Kirill is from Moscow, owns a business and seems to be ready to do anything for her. A whirlwind romance, a wedding, a move to a big house in Moscow, two children – Vika’s life seems to be a fairy tale… that ends one day.
    Kirill turns out to be a completely different person to what Vika was dreaming of. To him, his wife has all along been nothing but a pretty thing that he has been keeping by his side for as long as he needed her. As soon as Vika becomes a burden standing in his way to success, he gets rid of her without thinking twice…
    Vika gets kicked out, ending up all alone – without her children, without any money, without any future… What lies ahead of hear is lost court cases, threats from her ex-husband and accusation of murder…
    It's only one thing that pushes her to carry on and live – a desire to reunite with her children again…

    Cast: Elena Kutyreva, Kirill Safonov, Andrey Frolov, Anna Kazyuchitz
    Script – Natalia Chepik
    Director – Alexey Rudakov
    Producer - Olga Maneeva


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