What The Biggest Comic Fans Don't Know About Venom

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 24, 2018
  • The symbiote Venom was first introduced to comic fans as Spider-Man’s new black costume in 1984’s The Amazing Spiderman #252. Venom made his full appearance four years later when he was hosted by Eddie Brock and he has since evolved from Spider-Man’s arch-enemy into one of Marvel’s most popular anti-heroes.

    The popular comic book character has become a big part of pop culture and has featured in movies, TV series, and video games. Venom finally got his own movie in 2018 and was played by the talented Tom hardy.

    But even though he is one of the most popular Marvel anti-heroes, here are details about Venom that even the biggest comic fans don’t know about.

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    Venom: A David Goyer Film | 0:00
    Truth in Journalism | 1:12
    Venom vs. No. 7 | 1:59
    The thin line between love and hate | 3:05
    Superman smackdown | 4:08
    An extra sting in the tail | 4:58
    Viva Venom variety | 5:58
    Beware the V-Rex | 7:34

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