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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 14, 2022
  • जय गुरूजी - There are answers to the questions of all the Sangat in this satsang. Share as much as possible

    Guruji Satsang Shared by Aarti Kapur Aunty

    Guruji Satsang Youtube Channel is Solely Dedicated to The Satsang of Divine Guruji ( Bade Mandir ) with Pure Heart and Soul to Spread lots of Satsang to Connect Guru Pariwar with The Purity.

    Guruji Satsang is a Channel where you can see all Guruji latest Satsang and Guruji Miracles, Sangat Experiences with Guruji , you can follow the Channel Guruji Satsang for latest Guruji Satsang.

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    About Guruji

    Guruji is the "light divine" that came on earth to bless and enlighten humanity. On 7th July 1954, the sun rose in Dugri village at Malerkotla, Punjab (India)

    The shower of Guruji's blessings began to fall on the earth to lessen the sufferings of hundreds of thousands of people. Guruji sat at various places including Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Panchkula and New Delhi

    It was here that people came from all over India and other parts of the world to seek his blessings. The tea and langar prasad (blessed food) served at Guruji's satsang had his special divine blessings.

    The devotees experienced his grace in various forms: incurable diseases were healed and the entire matrix of problems ranging from legal to financial to emotional were solved. Some members of the sangat also had divine darshans (visions) of deities. There was nothing impossible for Guruji, for he wrote fate, and could re-write it.

    Guruji's doors were open to the high and low, poor and rich, and people of all religious affiliations. From the most ordinary of men to the most powerful of politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats, armed service personnel, doctors, and professionals, everyone came to seek his blessings.

    What mattered most was complete surrender and unconditional faith reposed in him. Guruji was a giver, he never expected or took anything from anyone. "Kalyan karta", Guruji would say and "Blessings always" is what the devotee would get.

    Guruji never delivered any sermons or prescribed any rituals, yet his message was received by the devotee in ways known only to the devotee. This "connection" with him was not only elevating and energizing but also a deeply transforming one. It lifted the devotees life to a level where joy, fulfillment and peace came easy. Guruji's form exuded a divine fragrance, similar to roses. Even today, his fragrance is felt as proof of his presence by his devotees.

    Guruji took mahasamadhi2 on 31st May 2007. He left no successor : for the "light divine" there is none. His emphasis was that the devotee always get connected "directly" with him , and more so, through the medium of prayers and meditation.

    Guruji Mantra Jaap

    Om Namah Shivay Shivji Sada Sahaay 🌹
    Om Namah Shivay Guruji Sada Sahaay 🌹


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